Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Support Aila victims of Sunderban

[Red Barricade visited Aila afftected area of Sandeshkhali, Sunderban on 7 June 2009. We like to share some photos of that region with our readers. The devastation is huge and difficult to estimate the damage. Next couple of years, most likely the region will remain infertile--as the flood has already increased the salinity of the land.
The peasantry of Sunderban have been fighting revolutionary struggle since 70s. A vast areas of land have already been distributed among landless tillers. Now the revolutionary peasantry have to fight the devastation caused by Aila. In their struggle, support from all democratic and progressive people is needed. For sure, the revolutionary peasantry will enjoy that support.

Readers of Red Barricade are requested to extend their support to the victims of Aila of Sunderban.]

Under makeshift shelter after losing everything.....

If anything escapes devastation....

A breached embankment.


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