Monday, June 22, 2009

Mahasweta Devi condemned the para-military operation and state repression in Lalgarh

[In a press release, noted writer, Magsaysay awardee and social worker Mahasweta Devi condemned the para-military operation and state repression in Lalgarh. We publish the English translation and the original Bengali press release.]

Stop Repression in Whole Junglemahal Including Lalgarh

Snatching the natural resources from People of Binpu 1 and Binpur 2, two regions of West Midnapur district, which are surrounded by hills and jungles, the constitutional government of West Bengal, has been depriving the people from all civil rights. Not only has the scarcity of health-education-food, the government always has kept the dignity and rights of people under its feet. On protest, severely cornered People have demanded the remedy. With empty promises and ugly-false-propaganda the government tried to stop the spontaneous movement of Jangalmahal. Failing to do so, the government has brought shameless state repression against the people. We have noted with surprise and shame that the government has almost declared war against a section of people of our country. We deeply condemn the heinous para-military operation of the government. We demand that government must immediately withdraw all repressive measures, and accept all demands of the people for dignity and development.

We do believe that in the sphere of repression the voice of common down trodden people is being suppressed. We appeal to the both sides to sit in the discussion retraining from all clashes.

Mahasweta Devi
(On behalf of democratic citizens)

22 June 2009

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