Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More tainted legislators make it to House

[If you have slightest faith over the Indian parliament, then it would be suffice to mention that individuals with criminal records have made more than one fourth of the total members of fifteenth Indian parliament. According to mainstream belief members are supposed to represent people. Now, we like to ask, they are representing whom? Is it the Indian people or the enemies of India whom they represent? And, if rest three fourth of the members of parliament not having any registered criminal records, feel comfortable to work in unison with them in parliament, then what is the character of Indian parliament? Is it pro-people or a mere instrument to make Indian people fool?

We are publishing a report from the Statesman, 18 May 2009 on criminal records of the members of Indian parliament.]

Statesman News Service
NEW DELHI, 17 MAY: Though 964 MPs with criminal background lost the 2009 general elections, the overall picture of the new Lok Sabha (parliament) is no better than the last one. The total number of members with criminal background has gone up by 17 per cent compared to the last House. While in the 14th LS, there were 128 MPs with criminal records this time it has increased to 150. The same is the case of MPs with serious criminal records. In 2004 Parliament had 55 MPs with serious criminal records, this time it has gone up to 72. The BJP tops the list of MPs with criminal charges. Of its 116 elected members, 42 are booked under criminal charges. The Congress has 41 MPs with criminal charges out of a total of 205 MPs, followed by SP 8, SHS 8, JD (U) 7, BSP 6, and four each in BJD, AITC and NCP. State wise, It is Uttar Pradesh which tops the list of MPs with criminal backgrounds. The state has 30 MPs with criminal records, Maharashtra has 23 followed by Bihar 17, 11 each in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat, Karnataka 7, seven each in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, six each in Jharkhand and Kerala, five in Orissa and 4 in MP.
Spurce: The Statesman, 18 May 2009

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