Monday, May 25, 2009

The 42nd Anniversary of the Great Naxalbari Movement

Today is the 42nd anniversary of Great Naxalbari Movement. In 1967 peasants of Naxalbari, a remote village of North Bengal started their struggle with agrarian revolutionary orientation under the slogan "Land to the tillers". It was established by then that the reactionary state machinery would not support it. Therefore, the orientation of the struggle was to form new state machinery—the new democratic state.

Soon the struggle of the peasantry in Naxalbari became the target of state repression. On 25 May 1967, brutal police force of the then West Bengal government resorted to firing in Naxalbari and took the lives of 11 people including 2 children. At that moment CPI(M) was in the government; Joyoti Basu, the CPI(M) leader was the deputy chief minister and state home minister. The CPI(M) state committee supported the state repression.

This incident was a spark in the communist revolutionary movement in India. So many party members soon quit CPI(M)—All Indian Coordination Committee of Communist Revolutionaries was formed.

It was the Great Naxalbari Movement, which following the Great Telengana Movement again raised the flag of Mao thought in India. It was the Naxalbari Movement which established the agrarian revolutionary line of Indian revolution. Naxalbari was not just the name of a remote village in India—it was the outcome of sharp two line struggle in communist movement in India.

After the Great Naxalbari Movement, Indian communist revolutionary movement has passed so many cross roads. Now, the red flame of the Great Movement has engulfed a large part of India. Inspired by Naxalbari, people of India have been waging their struggle to build new India free from all imperialist and feudal exploitation.
Red salute to Naxalbari.

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varma said...

Naxalbari movement is the real alternate to this semi-feudal and semi-collonial brutal Indian govt. till today. Hail the movement.