Saturday, January 9, 2010

Meeting Protests Murder of Com. Sunil Pal


A meeting held at Student's Hall, Kolkata yesterday condemned the killing of Com. Sunil Pal, the revolutionary workers' leader and organizer of I.F.T.U. and C.P.I.(ML)(Red Flag). Srijan, a unit of Revolutionary Writers, Artists Intellectuals Association sang a song in tribute to the martyrs. Com. Amitabha Bhattacharyya (Mazdoor Kranti Parisad), Com Kanai Karnwas (I.F.T.U.), Sujato Bhadra (Anti-UAPA Forum),  Com. Sasibala Sarma (Nari Adhikar Raksha Samiti), Com. Sadhan Roy (Joint Forum of Workers and Staffs), Bhanu Sarkar (Committee for Release of Prisoners), Com. Apu Samaddar (Gana Pratirodh mancha-unit of RDF), Com. Sibabrata Sana (Struggling Workers' Organization), Com. Srijan Sen and others talked on Com Sunil Pal and condemned the brutal killing. Some speakers highlighted the importance of the work of Com. Pal in mobilizing the workers in peasants' struggle of Singur-Nandigram and Lalgarh. Renowned writer Jaya Mitra also spoke and condemned the killing. Com. Pradip Roy also sang a revolutionary mass-song. 


It was evident from the speeches that the murder was pre-planned and it was done with the full support of administration and police. People saw the murders walking towards C.P.M. party office committing the heinous crime. It is now clear to everybody that the nexus between CPM-coal mafia-police and administration actually killed the beloved leader Com. Sunil Pal.


Speakers iterated that killing of a leader of a movement nowhere had been found successful to make an end of the movement. Workers of Asansol and I.F.T.U. will fight for the unaccomplished dreams of their leader.


Shekhar Sinha said...

Com Kanai baranwal I.F.T.U.),Com. Sasibala Sarma (Nari Adhikar Raksha Samiti)were and are the comrades in arms of com. sunil pal who belonged not to Red Flad cpi_mL, but to Phani Bagchi group of CPI_ML (cp reddy's). It is beyond anyone's imagination that Red flag people are so mean...

Shekhar Sinha said...

दरअसल उपर वर्णित प्रोग्राम भी न होता अगर कन्हाई बरनवाल और उनके साथी इनको सुनील पाल का फोटो मुहैया न करते...इस प्रोग्राम के समाचार में कॉम. कन्हाई, जो पाल की पार्टी के थे, उन्हें गेस्ट बना कर पेश किया गया है, और कॉम. पाल को रेड फ्लॅग का लीडर बताया गया है..यह सुनील पाल को श्रद्धांजलि दी गयी है या गाली?