Thursday, September 3, 2009

Brutal Killing of Two in Lalgarh by Armed Forces

Yesterday (2 Sept 2009) police officials reported encounter death of two Maoists in Lalgarh. It has been revealed that in reality there was no gun-battle with Moaists. Security forces fired on a rally of 12,000 people who were protesting sexual assault on women during combing operation and killed two, Lalgarh Mancha (Lalgarh Forum) reported.

The people of Lalgarh have been deprived from minimum democratic rights, like right to protest, right to assemble in public places because of the imposition of section 144 of Indian penal code. We express solidarity to the struggling people of Lalgarh.

This blog condemns brutal killing of innocent people of Lalgarh by armed forces and demands immediate withdrawal of combined armed forces from Lalgarh and end of state repression.

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