Sunday, April 26, 2009

Call of May Day

[We have received a leaflet of Sangrami Sramik Sangathan (Struggling Workers' Organization). It is of significance in current context towards building and forwarding class struggle in favour of toiling masses. We are publishing it.]

Liberation does not come with election--but, only through REVOLUTION

Friends and Comrades,

International labour day, the May Day of this year is a matter of days to come. Let us hail the struggle of 1986 of Chicago’s Hay Market that is written in blood in the history; pay our homage to the martyrs of May Day. Every year working class and exploited, downtrodden and toiling masses of the whole world celebrate May Day as the day to organize themselves against exploitation and repression; and to flare themselves to build struggle with full enthusiasm. We do swear that we will move ahead following the lessons of May Day.

Meanwhile, in India, 15th parliamentary election is under the way. Starting from 15th April, it will continue till 13th May in five phases. The market of electoral politics is hot now. The election is being held in a time when whole capitalist world including US, Europe and Japan is under great depression or crisis. The production is on the verge of collapse; banking system is at stake; millions of people are the victims of job cut. Capitalism is stagnant world-wide.

In our country thousands of factories have been closed since long. Now, Special Economic Zones (SEZs) are being constructed for the interest of MNCs and big comprador capitalists. Hailing it as development and industrialization the apologists of electoral politics are shouting a lot.

Our India is an agro-economy-centric country with large population. Our agricultural production is still backward. Has capitalist investment that has happened in capitalist country, taken place in India? Whatever 'high yielding' seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and agro-machines are being used, have been used for the sake of imperialist exploitation through MNCs. In reality, large backward rural areas and its great population is sunk under extreme poverty. The basic needs, namely food, clothing, shelter, education and health care are not secured in their lives.

Then what type of development has been taken place from 1947 to 2009? In simple words, our beloved India remains as the land under severe imperialist exploitation. It is not justified to call India as independent. Whomever we cast our votes, whoever gets elected in election—cannot make us free from imperialist chains.

Parliamentary parties are the running dogs of imperialism. The say "Casting vote is the democratic right". On the other hand, in the current system usury, hoarding etc. prevail; that means feudalism in different forms exists in our society. Therefore, voices are becoming louder at different corners supporting the call "Election boycott is a democratic right".

The backward rural India has to take the path of true development which is productive in true sense. The purchasing power of millions of Indian has to be increased. Then, there will be no hurdle towards the industrialization as it will be to satisfy the need of 100 crore (one billion) people. Under the circumstances, all closed factories could be opened again; crores (Millions) of youth will get job in their hands.

True development and industrialization could take place through the efforts of workers-peasantry and toiling masses under the leadership of working class following the abolition of feudalism-imperialism. And for the establishment of new democratic society with socialist orientation, the agrarian revolutionary struggles of Andhra-Bihar-Dandakaranya-Jharkhand and West Bengal’s Bankura-Purilia-West Midnapur and Sundarban have been moving fast passing over many turns and cross-roads.

Let us grasp the path of agrarian revolution throwing away the illusion of parliamentary politics; let us take side with the peasant-struggles of Lalgarh and Nandigram. Let us raise our voice to start production in all closed factories at the earliest. Let us build unity and resistance against job cut and low wage; continue the struggle for eight hours working day; raise our voice against excessive work-load. In different corners, let us build up Sangrami Sramik Sangathan (Struggling Workers' Organization). Let us drive out treacherous trade union leadership from political arena; snatch the great red flag of May Day from traitors.

With struggling greetings,
Sangrami Sramik Sangathan
(Struggling Workers' Union)
10 April 2009
Published by Com. Biren Sarkar on Behalf of Kolkata-North 24 PGS Industrial Area Committee of Sangrami Sramik Sangathan.

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