Friday, November 21, 2008

Lalgarh : Upsurge Against State Repression

Lalgarh of West Midnapur, West Bengal, has been isolated for more than one week due to road block by the local people to protest the police repression. In the name of so called Maoist crackdown, the state machinery unleashed a reign of terror in this region. Aged people, teachers, school kids and even women were the victims of recent police atrocities. They arrested school kids with alleged Maoist link. Now, the down trodden local people have raised their voice to stop the injustice for ever. The resistance was initiated under the banner of different social organizations of Adivasi people; but, the People's Committee Against Police Repression is now giving the leadership. With time the resistance has spread in other parts of West Midnapur and Bankura district.
We support this upsurge not only because of its mass character, but also for its new democratic revolutionary spirit and orientation.

Down with state repression.

Red Salute to Lalgarh.

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