Sunday, May 25, 2008

Celebrate 41st Anniversary of the Great Naxalbari Upsurge

Today, 25th May, 2008 is the 41st anniversary of great Naxalbari upsurge. Naxalbari was not mere resistance of peasantry against the feudal system—it was the outcome of the two line struggle of the communist movement in India. The great Telengana movement was betrayed by the revisionist leadership of the CPI. But, they cannot destroy the revolutionary inspiration of the people for a fundamental change in the Indian society. Against the Trotskyite-Titoist-Khrushchevite revisionist line, against the parliamentarian line of Indian communist leadership, the revolutionaries inspired by the great debate and great proletarian cultural revolution of China under the leadership of Com. Mao waged a two line inner-party struggle (initially within CPI, then in CPI(M)), which resulted great Naxalbari movement. The single spark in Naxalbari soon took the shape of prairie fire.

Since then Naxalbari is not just a name of a small village of north Bengal—it is the name of the correct revolutionary politics. However, in the last forty years revisionist trends have also been emerged within the revolutionary camp. Most of the revisionist trends emerged in the form of parliamentary line—different groups have appeared in the parliamentary politics calling it as a tactics, then deviation from the line of Naxalbari become clear on the question of the state character, the stage of Indian revolution and other fundamental points.

Since 2000, a different trend under the influence of Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) has been developed in the revolutionary camp of India. This trend has some definite features; it negates Com. Stalin and puts Com Mao against Com Stalin; cannot see the crisis of imperialism and therefore negates the formulation of Com. Lenin that “Imperialism is the highest and moribund stage of capitalism.” Essentially it denies the possibility of victory of socialism in a particular country in the present context. It therefore puts forward the revisionist line of Trotsky-Tito and Khrushchev in different package. Interestingly and shamelessly, while advocating the line of these well known revisionists, RIM and its followers claim it as the teaching of Com. Mao and as the third and the highest stage in the development of Marxism—in their words, “Maoism”. In Nepal we see the outcome of their revisionist line in the practice.

On the occasion of 41st anniversary of Naxalbari, we call for a fierce ideological struggle against the revisionist line of RIM and their followers in the revolutionary camp of India.

Editorial Board
Red Barricade

Red Salute to Naxalbari.
Red Salute to the martyrs.
Long live Marxism-Leninism-Mao thought.
Down with imperialism, comprador capitalism and feudalism.
Down with revisionism.

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